Casa de Madera Fotografie di Massimo Listri - Testo di Cesare Cunaccia - A cura di Gian Carlo Ricco e Mauro Torriani
Idea Books · 2010
Casa de Madera

The Dominican Republic is considered a jewel in the Caribbean. Since the arrival of the first Europeans in the year 1492, our nation has welcomed visitors to make them feel like home. Needless to say, the endeavor of transmitting all the beauty, diversity, and rich heritage of the Dominican Republic through the pages of a book represents a challenging task. �Timeless Living� de Casa de Madera, fulfills these expectations by presenting us a warm and serene place that guests can call home. The beautiful images are filled with almost tangible impressions, vivid sensations and revealing information. Our country unveils itself before our eyes in all its many facets and invites us all to celebrate its nature and its art, in this special project in which prestigious international poets bear witness to the potential of the Dominican landscape of incalculable and surprising beauty. I invite you to embark on this journey of rediscovery. The examples gathered on this book are just a small, but great example of where this journey might take.

Leonel Fern�ndez
President of the Dominican Republic