The Anti-Minimalist House Fotografie di Massimo Listri - Testi di E. Busmanti e D. Papa
Allemandi Editore · 2007
The Anti-Minimalist House

The pictures in this selection of the interiors of real homes are taken from the vast collection created over the years by Massimo Listri, the prolific and celebrated art photographer and photographer-artist.
With the polite determination that I believe is a characteristic of his, Mr. Allemandi, the publisher, persuaded me to draft long captions for each of the pictures to be published. This was indeed a minor challenge but it gave me more satisfaction than I expected. Describing each room in detail, with its colours, ornaments, wall coverings, fabrics, works of art, and everything that these little domestic universes contain, and then concluding with a brief assessment, put quite a strain on my capabilities. However, it allowed me to try my hand at a literary genre-that of the history and criticism of interior decoration-which I had never previously engaged in, even though it is something I have always appreciated...